My name is Ed and this is a blog about a comic book that I’m working on. It’s due to be published by Blank Slate in April October 2010 2011. I grew up in Cornwall and spent my time going to school and skateboarding with the local kids. We rode on concrete parks left over from skateboardings late seventies boom, which were later buried and built upon. I was prone to daydreaming. My younger brother and I began to raid our parents record collection, dusty vinyl LP’s that they had placed to one side and forgotten about. We’d listen to Dylan and the Beatles and both traded our stuntwoods in for guitars. Anyway, I ended up graduating from Liverpool Art School. I moved to Manchester in ’98 to do Art. I now live in London with my girlfriend and our cat, Rudy.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Greg Robinson Says:

    Ed, remember me? I don’t even know how I stumbled on this now but, beauty, I like it. How are you? Do you still skate? We’re trying to get a skatepark in Aggie and need as many people to sign up as possible, I don’t know if you use facebook or not but if ya do, sign up! We may need some ART!! LOGO. We’ve just got a committee together and have started the process. Keep ya posted. I hope you’re well, later, Greg

  2. Sue McNeill Says:

    Hi Ed.

    Remember us? Drop me a line…..it’s about a teddy!


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