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Neil Blender

October 26, 2011


Best of 2009

December 22, 2009

I wasn’t going to do one of these stupid end of year lists, but I have swine flu and I literally have nothing better to do so here goes nothing: My top 5 things this year.

5. Johnny Ryan’s ‘Prison Pit’.

This was the only comic book I bought all year (no surprise there, I don’t really like them to be honest with you). It takes about 5 minutes to read and is funny as hell, the perfect combination. Such a romantic ending as well.

Here’s a link to Johnny’s website and you can buy his books here.

4. Dinosaur Jr. – ‘Farm’

My favourite record this year (also rans include Bill Callahan’s ‘Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle’ and the new Yo La Tengo LP) by a mile. I got to see ┬áJ. Mascis and the Fog at this months ATP Nightmare Before Xmas which was “Gig of The Year” or whatever…

This is the video that they put out for the single ‘Over It’, wow I never knew they had it in them…

3. Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’ DVD

Continuing the Dinosaur theme, this video is (insert expletive here) amazing. In fact I’m going to stop writing this now and go and watch it again (hey, I’m ill).

2. Skateboarding!

Now I’ve moved to the big smoke my skateboarding per month ratio has gone through the roof! Two concrete parks within spitting distance of my house has certainly helped, as did the free board i got sent by the lovely guys at Two Distribution. Look out for Superdead Skateboards which is very close to launching or so I’m told…

1. My Skateboard Life

How could I forget? Been doing this book since February and apart from a few finishing touches, it’s FINISHED! So Kenny, if you’re reading this, get in touch!

Okay back to bed for me now, but you know, have a good holiday everyone and remember : if you’re driving don’t drink and if you’re drinking don’t drive.

Dinosaur Workshop

April 30, 2009

Just found this, 2 of my favourite things (skateboarding and Dinosaur Jr.). Looks like J has that old 70’s 2 board manual steez pretty much locked down.

Pretty cool, huh? Here’s my prized photo of me (with lovely wet look hair) and J when we briefly met at ATP in 2006.