Not The Top Five (aka Win A Copy of the Book)

I was going to do this post about my favourite 5 skate videos but then I realised that that wasn’t that easy to decide. So anyway, here’s 5 videos that I really like and have watched probably 100 times each (easily) over the years. The book is out THIS MONTH!

1. Matt Hensley ‘Shackle Me Not’

This one, well, it just blew mine and all my friends tiny little minds when it came out. Come on, it’s Matt Hensley, for crying out loud.

2. Mike Vallely ‘Rubbish Heap’

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE wanted to be Mike Vallely when this video came out. People started skating with a limp wrist almost instantly, me included.

3. Ray Barbee ‘411VM Pro Spotlight’

When I started skating again after a couple of years off, I bought this video magazine thing which had this Ray Barbee section and one on Ed Templeton. I must’ve watched that video a thousand times as I slowly relearned how to enjoy rolling around on 4 wheels again. Oh and if anyone knows where to find this song then get in touch!

4. Duane Pitre ‘ Memory Screen’

I still have this video on VHS, it’s like nothing else. I could have put any clip from G&S Footage here but I didn’t. Dinosaur Jr. and Skateboard Videos, that’s a T-Shirt slogan right there.

5. Guy Mariano ‘Video Days’

I think I almost told a girl once that this was a video of me skating, but fortunately thought better of it. I mean, as if! Imagine her disappointment if I’d tried to recreate any of this stuff in real life. He’s like a tiny child in this video, a total classic.

Okay, so what are your favourite 5 skateboard video parts? Best answer wins a signed copy of the comic book! (it’s really nice to be able to finally say that).


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4 Responses to “Not The Top Five (aka Win A Copy of the Book)”

  1. kris Says:

    My Top 5

    Natas in Streets of Fire

    ‘When you push it, you were going faster than you were going when you were rolling…’

    Matt Hensley in Shackle Me Not

    This blew my mind too. Still does.

    Tommy Guerrero in Future Primitive

    Hard to think, but at the time this seemed incredible.

    Steve Caballero in Ban This

    The perfect line. Always loved his style. My favourite skater.

    Steve Saiz, Eric Sanderson, Ray Barbee etc in Public Domain

    Couldn’t believe how smooth they were, had same effect as watching Matt Hensley

  2. Ed Syder Says:

    kris! you’ve won (you were the only entry). let me know yr postal address and I’ll send you a copy of the book.

  3. rustyfox Says:

    Ed, I stumbled across and bought your book today. From there I found your blog and this comp – shame I’m a bit too late, but tbh I think Kris had it sewn up from the start! 🙂

    Anyway, it made me put on my rose-tinted specs and start hunting around for my favourite 5 for the fun of it.

    1, I would have to say that Natas on Streets of Fire would be my top choice too, but with that taken I’d go for Corey O’Brien on the same vid, as that guy oozed style:

    2, Another would be Lance Mountain as he was such fun to watch, and I think this Bones Brigade video was the first time I saw him:

    3, Then I’d go for Eric Dressen on Speed Freaks – another dead smooth skater:

    4, And then it’s a massive thanks to Kris as I’d been trying for YEARS to remember which video had the guys ollie off a jump-ramp over a step-ladder…and it’s Shackle Me Not! (about 11 mins in) Thanks Kris!

    5, A lot more recent but when I saw Rodney Mullen in this 411VM vid doing these insane darkside and manuals I was truly blown away:

    Amazing how he went from being in the slightly off freestyle section of the vids to becoming one of the greatest street skaters.

    And to finish I’m hoping that I’ll soon be adding the new Bones Brigade documentary to my list:

    Thanks for making a fun evening digging up classic footage, and I’m looking forward to reading the book 🙂

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