Pavement Reunion

Here’s some photos (and a shaky video) I took the other day when me and my friend Stuart went along to Brixton Academy to watch the recently reunited Pavement.

The all important merch stand. I think this was the moment I officially realised I was too old for band t-shirts. There was obviously a lot of “I used to have that one when I was 16” discussions going on at this moment.

It was really great, but the audience (around me anyway) were very boring, but what do you expect? I mean, I wasn’t in the mood to start some kind of Black Flag circle pit or anything, but it’s really boring if we all just stand there and nod gently, right? During the guitar solos my mind drifted away as it does, I thought about how it was a shame that we weren’t all 16 again, you know? I think that feeling is called ‘nostalgia’. It’s a direct result of something called ‘reunion tours’.

Here’s a low-fi video I took of them playing ‘Unfair’. It helps if you squint:

“Dad, they broke me”.


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