Missing in Action

Sorry it’s been so long, dear reader.

The book is out, well I don’t know when. I did a graphic for a skateboard company in about October I think, which isn’t out yet either. Here’s the colour cut out things for it. I’ll hopefully put the real finished version in the back of my book. Maybe it’ll make it onto a skateboard by then?

I’m doing this Powell ripper rip off logo thing when I get the chance, which I’ll put on Threadless soon and once that’s been shot down I’ll see about getting it available to buy online from one of those cafepress type places.

Speak soon,



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2 Responses to “Missing in Action”

  1. Alan Says:

    Are you still doing your own skateboard company. Have you done a seires of boards with your comic characters on, i liked the design you did for foundation a while ago.

    • Ed Syder Says:

      Hi Alan, there’s talk of a ‘Superdead Skateboards’ being set up by some Manchester skaters, which I’ve done some art for. Not heard anything about that for a while now, though.

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