The long lost summer

My girlfriend just got this film developed from her Lomo camera. These are photos from last August when we were at the unbelievable skatepark they’ve built in Truro (where I grew up). This location used to house a metal mini ramp that sat unused for a really long time, and before that there was a big half pipe that was made out of this weird plastic coated wood that had loads of wholes in. Now they have this enormous concrete ‘plaza’ thing which is completely amazing.

I only got to skate it once on probably the hottest day of the year, but you can probably make out how happy I was from my big old grin. Right now the whole of the country is blanketed in thick snow, but at least we have seasons again, eh?

The podcast thing I’ve started doing is now on itunes, it’s my creative outlet right now, as my teacher training course is at full power at the moment. The book’s all finished (well, the drawing part of things), just waiting for the publisher guy to come and get it all. I’ve started thinking about the next one, mainly by reading Chester Brown’s ‘I Never Liked You’ over and over because it’s so damn good.


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