Skate and Create


Okay, so I’m currently in the middle of doing a Primary PGCE (that’s training to be a primary school teacher, folks) and I’m specialising in Art & Design (well, duh). I’ve got to think up and deliver an art project in the school I’m training in, so here I am thinking of what I could do.

Transworld skate magazine holds this contest called ‘Skate and Create’ which I think is in it’s second year. I won’t attempt anything like what the teams produced for this contest, but it certainly serves as inspiration. Anyway here’s the winner of this years contest (Etnies):

I’m a huge fan of THE GONZ and he’s pretty heavy in the art world these days, always inspiring. Obviously his ‘skatewheel’ contraption wouldn’t pass the risk assessment for a class of 5 year old kids.

I was thinking maybe doing something with putting paint on skate wheels and rolling around on a canvas? Might get a bit Jackson Pollock.

Any ideas readers?


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