The cat and the garden


Lately I’ve been ‘joining the dots’ or connecting the stories or whatever, as I’ve drawn this comic book in no particular order just doing the ‘exciting’ bits and now i’m filling in the bits inbetween.

Don’t worry though, this book is gonna be ALL KILLER NO FILLER. Just like that Sum41 album.


So the top image is the bit after i kiss that girl at the disco for all of 10 seconds, so that’s the next day and the school playground post snog analysis. This one is all about the skate scene at my secondary school on weekends when school was closed.

Here’s our cat Rudy enjoying the London summer:


Okay, till next time…



2 Responses to “The cat and the garden”

  1. how to kickflip Says:

    your drawing are amazing, have you published any comics???

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