Madonna and Guy (Mariano)

I’m not too good with cameras so these photos have come out funny. I think the flash didn’t go off or something? Anyway here’s 2 that I’m doing at the moment, that’s madonna in the True Blue video in the second one. She’s encouraging me to drop in on that vert ramp. Obviously.



And here’s one of Paulo Diaz, Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson and Gabriel Rodriguez. I might just do this one in pencil, I’m not sure.


I’d watch their video part in Powell Peralta’s ‘Ban This‘ constantly. My dad used to take these rented skate videos and copy them for me at his work. The best of which was called “Ed’s Skate Video Tape” which had 3 classics on it ‘Rubbish heap’, ‘Video Days’ and ‘Not the new H-Street Video’. I kept that battered VHS tape with me through endless address changes for the next 15 years. I think an old girlfriend of mine accidently took it when we broke up. Is it wrong to miss a VHS skate video tape more than the girl?


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