Ripping the Header

The Ripper was created by Vernon Courtlandt Johnson(VCJ) in 1978. It was developed over a period of about six months, during which the basic concept of a skull breaking through a barrier evolved through a number of evolutions, each of which simplified and strengthened the basic image. It was purposely undertaken as a follow up to the tremendous success of Court’s first graphic, the Skull and Sword, which had been drawn for our first pro skater, Ray Rodriguez, the year before.

Powell Peralta hosted an art show in January to celebrate this iconic skateboard graphic (as seen in this blogs header) called ‘Rip The Ripper’. Here’s a link to the show’s website >>Rip The Ripper Art Show .
I could write a book about how much I love classic skate graphics but i won’t, cause I’ve got a goddamn comic to draw.


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3 Responses to “Ripping the Header”

  1. damglam Says:


    i am Ela,
    i am trying toget accepted in an illustration school
    and since i grew up surrounded by many skateboards, specially your
    bones, illustrations…etc

    i wandered,
    if maybe i could contact you for some advice,

    would you please check my blog and help me a bit?

    i am the daughter of a man who always lived outta selling skateboards,
    my father is well known for being one of the first representants of powell peralta in south america.

    we had and still have a colllection of your boards, also your illustrations are still hanged in my house walls as master pieces (as what they are)

    so really it would be a dream come true if you could reply this message and actually advice me on my drawings…

    thank you VCJ

    your huge fan,


    in my

  2. Ed Syder Says:

    Hi Ela,
    I’m not VCJ unfortunately, just someone who worships his sweet inking skills, just like you.
    Good luck tracking him down!

  3. Kelly Says:

    They did it to look cool and it isnt working. and it is so obvious that the art is tattoo flash done really well with m.c.escher etching.

    Nothing to do with “follow ups” its skulls you idiot, of course skaters and rebels dig them.

    powell is bullshit, I know I worked in sales and they fired me.

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