Six (gulp) years ago I won this deck design contest I saw in Thrasher. I won a big box of clothes and skateboards which took what felt like a 100 years to arrive in the post. I remember I got home from yet another shitty day at the call centre I was working at to be greeted by the prize box in my hallway.

I still have the deck (it’s under my bed) and a backpack and a belt. Everything else has now worn out and been thrown away. I have the advert from Thrasher magazine framed in my bathroom.

Here’s the link to the interview i did via email with the guy at Foundation Skateboards. I thought i had it made, I genuinely believed I’d be whisked away any minute to southern California to lazily draw skateboard graphics.

Well, that never happened, but I did get a nice new (much needed) wardrobe and it kept me going, artwise for the next few years at least.

Look at how happy I was! “Look everyone! I’m a Famous Artist! I told you! Who’s laughing now, eh?” was pretty much all I ever said to anyone around that time. I’d like to say thank you to my friends for not punching me back then.

I can’t think of anything else to write here to fill in this big gap, so here it is: THE BIG GAP.


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One Response to “Corey”

  1. skateboardscans Says:

    Hella decks!

    Visit my blog at to see some brazillian skateboard.

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