Images beamed to you live

Hello again, devoted reader. Here’s some crappy photos of some new pages that are in varying states of completion:



That’s old skate friend Chris Hewitt (above) who died last year. I’m doing a couple of pages as a kind of tribute to him. And here’s one from that “school disco when i snogged a girl” scene that featured previously…


All of my pencils are too short and my eraser is a stub so it’s time to hit the art and craft shop in islington. Until next time….


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3 Responses to “Images beamed to you live”

  1. oliver east Says:

    i want a print of the ‘girls of the skatepark’ page when it’s done. screw that, can i have first dibs on the original art?

  2. Ed Says:

    Once I’ve sorted out the “dibbing system” you’ll be first to know.

  3. Sharon Says:

    No way, nice one Ed…. loving the tribute to Chris… keep us updated when you do some more… I wish i was in touch with his family more, they would be stoked!

    Easy now xxxx

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