The scene outside our house


So thats my house, the one I grew up in in deepest Cornwall. We moved there in 1984. I remember down the road or “the culdesac” there was one of my older brothers friends Ian (with the curly hair) who skated (he had a Vision Psycho Stick) and another kid (name forgotten) who was a bmxer and had a huge quarterpipe in his driveway. That’s what this page is all about. Ian will be saying something like “Hey Kid, you’ll need a board to ride this baby”.


And this is my first visit to a skate shop. Well it was a bike shop with a little bit for skating. (The arrival of the legendary EssJays skateshop was a few years off at this point). The shop was ‘Clive Mitchell’s Cycles’ or maybe it was just called ‘Truro Cycles’, either way it’s not there anymore, replaced by god knows what now.

I went in there with my Mum and had my eyes on a tasty Powell Peralta Mike McGill, but ended up with something a lot less cool called a ‘Ripstik Bone Edd’ which was a cheap complete board rather than what I wanted (an expensive set up from the USA). I’d have to wait for that status symbol. But I was hooked. It was 1988….. (dun dun derrrrr).
P.S. Whilst finding that link for SJ’s skateshop I found this photo of Pin and Ben who starred in a previous blog post, this is probably from around 1990?


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