I went skating

I’ve got 11 glorious days off from work at the moment so here i am on day 1 and I went skating at Cantelowes park which is about 10 minutes from my house. It’s a really good park with a bit of everything to play on. So I got talking to this one guy who was in a similar place as me (a bit past it, skatewise) and he told me there’s also a concrete park in Finsbury park which is even nearer to my house. Have to check that one out tomorrow if the weather holds.

Turns out I’d been to Cantelowes before when it was “the old park” with a massive bank and pyramid thing covered in graffiti. I think I went there in about 1995, we were on a class trip with Art school up from cornwall supposedly to look at all the art galleries that London town has to offer. Me and this guy Matt (and maybe some others?) went to Cantalowes and Slam City Skates and to Meanwhile 2 that evening. I broke my elbow there, not doing the “Gonz Gap” but just rolling around it. I remember it seizing up as we skated back to the hotel and I eventually ended up going to casualty to get it sorted out. Breaking my arm was pretty good timing i remember as I had to do an Art exam the next day when we got back down to Cornwall.

Ok, trip down memory lane over. Let’s hope I don’t break my arm again else this comic’s never gonna be ready.


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2 Responses to “I went skating”

  1. mat perham Says:

    Going skating in the city under the pretense of going to art galleries is real fun. I’d recommend it to anyone. you can save a small fortune skating from one gallery to anouther and you don’t get so many black boogers from being on the old stinky underground

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