2 new pictures on a crappy camera

I’m getting a new scanner from my friend soon so all of this crappy photos of my sketchbook (see below) will soon be in the past.


I think the speech bubbles will go something like this:

“come on, Ed we’ve been up here for hours”.

“I know, I know just a few more minutes”. “Just do it, this is boring”.

“Come on, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“I could break my neck and die!”

“Yeah right! You’re a total pussy”.

“Okay, okay, I’ll do it”. “..Finally”.

“I just push my front foot down….easy”.


This one (if you can see it) has me (ahem) breaking hearts all in the aid of a summer filled with ramps and bloody knees.

In other news, I’ve fixed my VHS player so i can enjoy classics like…

I’ve also discovered a lovely FREE concrete skatepark about 10 minutes from my house. So I’ll be putting in as much time there as possible, all in the name of comic book research.


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2 Responses to “2 new pictures on a crappy camera”

  1. oliver east Says:

    d’you remember Hawk being in Police Academy 4? loved that film.

  2. Ed Syder Says:

    yeah, he was in triple x which was a horrible vin diesel vehicle as well. i think vin diesel jumped over a burning building on his motorbike and then landed safely in the backseat of Tony’s pimped out ride. (shudder)

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