I’m drawing a comic about my teenage years skating and the professional skateboard contest scene in those years. So what I mean is the main story (me sucking at skating in deepest Cornwall in the late eighties/early nineties) will run parallel with what was going on (or how I remember it) in southern California. What I’m aiming for is something that’s a cross between a movie like Thrashin’ and Roy of the Rovers. Ha ha, anyway I think it’s fun to have something like that to start with. I think the Pixies started with an ad for a band that was a cross between peter paul and mary and oh i dunno, someone heavier. So I’m aiming pretty high here, Surfer Rosa: The Comic, but y’know, why not?

Here’s a clip of Josh Brolin in the aforementioned Thrashin’ so if you’ve got the time have a look. It’s like, so radical. Here’s what I’ve done, artwise so far…trashmoreimg_1994img_1996img_1995img_2120



5 Responses to “Thrashin’”

  1. Stu Says:

    Killer idea dude. Where’s 16 year old Ed with fuzzy long hair?

  2. ghostgalaxy Says:

    I didn’t really get fuzzy hair till about ’94 when I was on a skate hiatus. That was when I was really into being miserable and listening to Mudhoney and dressing in army surplus clothes. That’s a whole other blog.

  3. oliver east Says:

    do you have a publisher for it?

  4. Adam Cadwell Says:

    This is a great idea, I’ve never been into skateboarding but would definitely read this comic. The art is looking great too, I love that first panel in the second image and the Love & rockets-ish panel in the fourth. Don’t get sidetracked, you must finish this comic.

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